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it's live - it's eclectic - it's diverse - it's a must
the-room is back and in a slightly different format
for a while anyway, to bring you live music during cuthbert-19

with the outlook of cuthbert-19 regulations being removed in june
we tought we would sneak a little event in just before.
sowe are delighted to announce the return to the room
two previous americana acts and a local country duo.

the-room in its full program will be back in sept 2021
we are already planning an amazing nights for you
some have said how will you top having rag'n'bone man
playing at t
he-room, well who knows who may visit.


until next time here's a couple of snippets of the last
the-room feb 2020 event




visitors to the-room
Club Uniquity Dock Tavern



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